Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Founders Day 2012


International asked us on Twitter to complete this sentence:

"I'm thankful for Alpha Gam because _________."

I’ll start.

I’m thankful for Alpha Gam because of the amazing  experienced as a collegian, and those as an alumna as well, through our amazing collection of bloggers on every topic imaginable I’ve been able to connect with sisters across the country and across generations.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sister Spotlight–Rachele Lynae

Rachele Lynae an Alpha Gamma Delta Theta Tau (Belmont University – Nashville, TN) Alumna has  just released her first single and music video, Party til the Cows Come Home on Jamie O’Neal’s new label Momentum Group.  I’m so excited for Rachele, who is indeed the sweetest person you’ll ever meet and who truly aspires to live with purpose. Theta Tau was so very lucky to have her incredible talent in our recruitment skits and Greek Sing performances.

I hope you’ll take the opportunity to check out her video and ‘like’ her Facebook page.  



Rachele’s Website
Rachele’s Facebook Page
Rachele’s Twitter

Want to learn the line dance? There’s even a step by step video for that… now if only I had it laid out that well for skit night…

Rachele’s Electronic Press Kit

Are you (or a sister you know) an accomplished Alpha Gam we should feature in the Sister Spotlight? Email and we’ll feature you. It’s so great to learn about the amazing things our sisters across the globe have done.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blogger–Ears Like A Hawke

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger Photo by J. Krawczyk
Squirrel: Janelle Hawkes
Chapter: Theta TauBelmont University – Nashville,TN
Initiation Year: 2006
Current City: New York, NY
Hometown: Galloway, NJ
Blog: Ears Like A Hawke
Twitter: sycadelic98
Blog Category: Music
Each day, we'll take one album (or more) and look at every song on there. I'll include some videos to watch, and my own little thoughts before, during, and after the listen. It's a fun way to discover new music in it's entire album form, with a view on it all from a girl who simply adores music.

Published by Malena Fryar on Flickr. Caption: "I feel Nutty..."

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