About Joining the Network

I receive an email about what joining the network entailed and felt it would be helpful to share my response.

Well there are chapter meetings and committees every week…

Haha just kidding, joining the network is super easy, you fill out this form http://www.alphagam.org/p/join-us.html which gives me the information I need to build your blogger profile which will be like this, 
http://www.alphagam.org/2010/09/blogger-bands-bows.html so don’t include anything you wouldn’t want posted on the www.

Beyond that we encourage you to read network member’s blogs and spread some ‘comment love’ when you can. I’ve made it easy to subscribe to all the AGD Bloggers at once by creating a Google Reader Bundle which you can subscribe to here

What I’m working on encouraging now is that when a blog network member happens to write a Alpha Gam related post like yours’ that we post it on the blog network too, this is in hopes of the Blog Network’s blog entries become a compilation of Alpha Gam related blog posts and Alpha Gam Blogger profiles.