Saturday, February 19, 2011

Working Squirrel Desk Decor

Fellow Nashville Area alum Sarah Brownell (Delta - U of Minnesota) sent me some great desk items, and I expanded it into a great set of squirrely desk decor. The brown ceramic tree is actually a self watering plant pot =)

Squirrel Desk Decor

Squirrel Desk Decor by Pinkprada on
Wee Wonder Tape Dispenser
$17 -

Conversation Piece Mug
$20 -

Squirrel Away Your Paper Clips
$7.99 -


Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogger - The Process of Becoming

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger
Squirrel:  Amber Garrison Duncan
Chapter:   Epsilon Phi - Texas Woman's University

Initiation Year:  1994
Current City:  Eugene, OR
Hometown:   Cleburne, TX
Alumnae Chapter:   
Blog:  The Process of Becoming
RSS Feed:  Wordpress
Twitter:   AmberAGD
Blog Category:  Women in Higher Education, Women in Leadership
I am a higher education professional and perpetual learner. The constant state of exploration and evolution in the educational setting suits me well. Originally from Texas, I have moved around the country and enjoy regional differences that make each place unique. I also love to travel internationally. The combination of experiences keep me on a constant journey which I hope to share with you here.

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I found a million cute squirrel photos (granted this is a chipmunk but we've adopted them too right?) on Flickr, so I'll be including them in each post now =)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Squirrel News: Squirrel Causes Power Outage on Nutley Street

Since we have so many DC Metro Squirrel bloggers I just had to share this story my Mom sent me!?

For those not in the area Nutley is a major major road that always has issues anyway.

From NBC 4 Washington:

Squirrel Causes Power Outage on Nutley Street

Updated 12:30 PM EST, Thu, Feb 17, 2011
Apparently, a squirrel caused quite a mess on the roads Thursday morning.
Vienna Patch reported a squirrel crossed a power transformer inVienna, Va., leaving 2,700 people in the dark around 7:30 a.m. Traffic lights also went out in several intersections during the morning commute, from Follin Lane to -- we're not making this up -- Nutley Street.
Police sent generators to intersections to keep traffic moving.

A Dominion Power representative said crews are working to restore power at a substation near Town Hall. Earlier this morning she said customers should have power back by 9:15 am. Those who don't should call Dominion Power at (866) 366-4357. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogger Profile - The Opportunities Project

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger
Squirrel:  Tracy Brisson
Chapter:  Alpha - Syracuse University - New York
Initiation Year: 1994
Current City: 
New York City
Hometown:  Fairhaven, MA
Blog:  The Opportunities Project
RSS Feed:
Blog Category:  careers
The Opportunities Project Blog is written by Tracy Brisson, Founder and CEO (Alpha Chapter 97). We blog about talent, careers, and education and focus on issues that impact young professionals.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Letter for Cassie


You may have seen this circling the facebook yesterday, our sisters at High Point University (Gamma Eta) in North Carolina are mourning the loss of Cassie Hill, a Senior from Marietta, Georgia yesterday.
Tara of Confidently Crazy posted a letter to Cassie last night on her blog, that I felt really captured what Alpha Gams accross the country are feeling for Cassie, her family, and Gamma Eta. With her permission I'm reposting it below.


For those of you looking to send Gamma Eta your love and condolences their Facebook page is "Alpha Gamma Delta at HPU."

Reposted with permission from Confidently Crazy

Rest In Peace, Cassie.

Dear Cassie-

I feel the need to write this to you.  I don't know why.  You didn't know me when you were alive.  We didn't grow up in the same town or go to the same schools.  We didn't have mutual friends and we could have gone our entire lives without knowing the other existed.  But, we are Alpha Gams.

Now, I know of you.  Although, I won't go anywhere near saying I KNOW you. 

I found out about your death yesterday from Facebook.  Perhaps the best way to get information these days but also the worst way to grieve - so openly.  It started when some of the girls I advise in Alpha Gam "liked" your chapter's facebook page at High Point University.  I thought that was odd since we're at the University of Kentucky and I couldn't find the connection...besides just being Alpha Gams.

So I explored the facebook page and saw an absolutely heartwarming outpouring of support.  Everyone loved you.  I gather from what people said that what happened to you was sudden, unpreventable, tragic.  You just never woke up.  And people are devastated.  I can't imagine how your family is doing.  I can tell your AGD sisters and your friends are hurting.  It's obvious that HPU is quiet today.

And it's hard to put into words the feelings of loss associated with losing a young person.  I have experience with this and it just feels like "why" and "what if" rule your world.  What if she lived?  What if she changed this or that?  Why weren't there any symptoms? 

What if?


But I left the sorority house yesterday feeling confident in one thing, if nothing else.  Our Sisterhood.  The women of your chapter are struggling and they will continue to struggle for a long time.  It is so clear to me, as an outsider, that you were beloved.  And so I want to tell you that although you can't physically be there for your Sisters, we will be.  I've already gotten emails from my girls about helping.  I don't want you to worry, Alpha Gam will take care of them.

They all loved you so much.  And I didn't know you but I am grieving for you as a "sister".  I remember hearing one time in an AGD poem that when we're in heaven, we will recognize each other at once as Sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta.  I hope that's true.