Monday, December 31, 2012

Blogger–Treasure Tromp

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger
Squirrel: Nicole
Chapter: Delta Tau - Chapman University, California
Initiation Year: 2005
Current City: Claremont, CA
Hometown: Sonoma, CA
Blog: Treasure Tromp
RSS Feed: FeedBurner
Twitter: treasuretromp
Blog Category: Lifestyle
Lifestyle blog document life's little adventures and treasure, written by a full-time PhD student.

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Blogger - Words and Chocolate

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger
Squirrel: Natalie Undis
Chapter: Theta Tau - Belmont University - Nashville, TN
Initiation Year: 2009
Current City: Nashville, Tn
Hometown: Waverly, Tn
Blog:Words and Chocolate
RSS Feed: Atom
Twitter: NatalieUndis
Blog Category: personal, crafting, life, baking, cooking
A blog of my crafts, cooking and baking attempts, and thoughts as I near the end of college and (hopefully) begin graduate school in Higher Ed & Student Affairs.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Squirrel Card

Any Alpha Gam scrapbookers out there? I’m sure you’ll love this post by Blog Network Member Lori.

Woodsy Owl Whimsies Punch Art Squirrel

Using Stampin Up punches she’s created this adorable little squirrel! Any Alpha Gam would LOVE this card!

Visit Lori’s Blog Woodsy Owl’s Whimsical World to get the step by step, happy crafting!

Thanks for sharing Lori!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blogger- Tau Chapter

Please join us in welcoming our latest chapter blog!
Alpha Gamma Delta, Tau Chapter!
Chapter: Tau - University of Toronto, ON

Founded: 1919
Blog: Tau Chapter
Twitter: TauAlphaGams
Facebook Page

RSS Feed: Atom
Blog Category: Chapter Blog
Tau chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was founded on March 7th 1919 at the University of Toronto!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Squirrel Embroidery & Vote Request

Hey there, I’m Hello Kirsti, the crafty blogger who founded the Blog Network. I just made a beautiful squirrel embroidery piece as an entry to win an embroidery machine! It was so much fun to make this chubby squirrel, I don’t think I’ll be able to put him away once winter comes!

I would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to vote for my lil gal! (I didn’t put pearls on her, since I didn’t think anyone but y’all would understand!)


Visit this page and scroll to 31 and “click” vote! (No registration or nothing, so easy!)

For more information on the contest and to get step by step directions on how to make your very own chubby squirrely visit my post on Hello Kirsti.

Thank you!!



(Yes I taught my squirrel please and thank you, she’s gonna be a legacy someday =)

The Alpha Gamma Delta Blog Network welcomes guest posts, send ideas to

Monday, September 10, 2012

Squirrely Shopper Fall 2012

We’re gearing up for prime squirrel shopping time as fall merchandise hits the stores. I scoured the interwebs looking for cute squirrel stuff for all my favorite Alpha Gam ladies. I found a little bit of everything for everyone at every price point. Whoever is brave enough to buy and wear that squirrel costume, I DEFINITELY want a picture! Tehehe

Squirrel Accessories

Squirrel Clothing

Shift dress


Dorothy perkin

Lola Rose wool scarve

Dorothy perkin

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Guest Post – Miss. Molly Goes to Harvard

What happens when a Auburn Alpha Gam heads north to attend Harvard Law? Find out in In-House Counsel’s Post.

Miss Molly Goes to Harvard

Not your average first day of school story from not your average Harvard Law student

It is the fall of 1985, and I have arrived at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Other students enter the dorm carrying duffel bags and milk crates.  I have matched luggage, a U-Haul trailer, and two parents in tow. We unload, creating for me a nest of familiar things.

I miss Mr. Joe – the wizened African-American man who worked for my family for many years doing yard work and odd jobs.  He had always helped me move in and out of college dorms at Auburn.  One year he told my mom ”I do believe that Miss Molly is moving out more than she moved in.” I don’t think I would have ever lived it down if Mr. Joe had helped me move in at Harvard.

My parents start the 24-hour drive back to sweet home Alabama, and I am left alone in another world.  I don’t know a single person north of the Mason-Dixon line.

I check my schedule, pick up a legal pad and pen, and head out the door.  I find the appointed classroom and join the others at a round table. This is the first meeting of my 12-member Orientation Group.  Nobody is talking, just sitting there quietly, waiting.

A business-like third year student, our O-group leader, enters and takes an empty seat beside me.  He explains the purpose of our first meeting – simply getting to know each other.  Easy enough, I think, not knowing that what is about to unfold will be a story I will tell all my life.  (I share it here, changing only the names of my classmates.)

The leader looks to each side and asks the lanky blond man lounging in the chair to his right to go first.  “Just take about 5 minutes and tell us about yourself,” he instructs.

The lanky man begins, “My name is Barrett, and I am a graduate of Princeton University.  I played quarterback on the football team there.  After college I went to Oxford for two years on a Rhodes Scholarship.”  He continues that he hopes to do mergers and acquisitions.  I sit wondering what that is and whether I might like to do that too. It sounds impressive,

Next up is a feisty, dark-skinned woman, Marina. She is tiny, with short hair, and she speaks quickly, in a Puerto Rican accent, telling a tale of growing up in a poor section of New York.  “I lived with rats,” she exclaimed.  “I have come to law school to get the tools to go back and help my people.”

A big guy with long, frizzy hair and John Lennon glasses take his turn.  He has an unfamiliar accent I learn to recognize as Minnesotan.  “My name is Peter.  I dropped out of college my freshman year and toured the Midwest with a rock and roll band for three years.   I got tired of that and decided I wanted to go to a law school.  I thought, gee, but I have to go to college first.  So I went back to school and finished college in two years, and here I am. I plan to do entertainment law.”

A short, stout Jewish man, with a prematurely receding hairline, introduces himself.  His name is Mark, and his grandfather had raised him.  Mark dreams of being a novelist, and has had some early success with published short stories and essays, but his grandfather thought law school made sense. Mark is still not sure.

We continue around the table. I can hardly listen to the stories that followed, each impossibly more impressive and exotic than the last. Tales of achievement, of hardships overcome, of focused career plans.  My unease grows, rising out of the pit of my stomach constricting my throat, tightening my jaw.   What in heaven’s name can I possibly say?

The woman to my left shares, and I relax a bit.  Her name is Karen.  She is also a small person from New York but warm and friendly, funny and relaxed.  She is not sure what she wants to do but loves fashion.

It is my turn.  I take a deep breath and feel like I am about to jump off a cliff.  Oh well here goes . . . the truth shall make you free . . . just tell the truth.

I begin, speaking quickly, but suddenly very conscious of the musical southern accent that was my native tongue.  “I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, with wonderful parents and one younger brother.  All my extended family lives within 60 miles of my home.   I attended Auburn University where I was secretary of the Student Government Association, in Alpha Gamma Delta social sorority, and active in my church. “  People are listening intently, probably just to my accent. I continue on, formally, uncharacteristically inhibited.

War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen Auburn University 1984

“In college I most enjoyed being a part of a student hospitality group that gave campus tours and worked with the Alumni and Athletic offices.”  (My determination to tell the truth did not extend to my giving the name of the organization, which even to this day is called “War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen.”) I warmed up a bit and told them of my love for Auburn football.  “You just watch – Bo Jackson is going to win the Heisman Trophy this year. “   I spoke about the same amount of time as the others, despite having nothing to say.

The O-group leader smiled at me when I finished, a smile that extended to his eyes, and made me feel comfortable.  “Thank you all,” he said.  “That’s it for the day.”

I’m walking out with Karen, chatting.  “That,”  I say “was the most humiliating experience of my life.  All those fascinating people and then me.”  Karen stops dead in her tracks and turns to face me.  She takes my hand and looks at me intensely. With great feeling and sincerity she exclaims,  “Oh Molly … You were the most interesting one of all.  We have never known anyone like you.”

I was dumbfounded, but the more I thought about it in a way I think she may have been right. Conservative Christian women who loved college football (practically a definition of an Auburn girl) were rather rare at Harvard Law School.  ”Normal” people were not the norm.

This experience shapes my writing.  I tell the truth as best I can. I just write about what I know. In my little world in Nashville, Tennessee, my perspective is commonplace, but in the broader world it is not.   In just two months of blogging I have had readers from 31 different countries (including places like Ghana, Bhutan, and Saudi Arabia) spanning all six populated continents.

I now follow other blogs.  The ones I like best are the ones that ring with authenticity, where people are telling life stories and sharing outlooks on the world from their unique vantage points. To my fellow bloggers, as Karen told me, I have never known anyone like you!

Even so, from our vastly different places, we find at times the commonalities that we share, the things that unite us.  And when that happens, we learn something about what it means to be human.

And that, my friends, is something to “Like.”

Proudly wearing the Auburn Orange and Blue

Two worlds meet
My grandmothers at graduation

Miss Molly Goes to Harvard was originally posted on In-House Counsel and then republished on the Alpha Gamma Delta Blog Network with permission. The Alpha Gamma Delta Blog Network welcomes guest posts, send ideas to

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Promise–Epsilon Nu

Awesome video using powerful methods to express that you become our letters from Epsilon Nu, University of Central Oklahoma. It’s a long video but has a great message, definitely a ‘template’ that other chapters should use.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Video Page & Happy Recruitment

I've been 'collecting' Alpha Gam related (and squirrel) videos into YouTube playlists for a while now but finally added their own page to the network. Check them all out here:

I also on a whim attempted to update the blogger template design, after two years blogs have gotten MUCH wider and working with that narrow space was too annoying.

I like the new design but something's missing... Any ideas?

And since most of us are recruitment prepping or recovering...

Super Squirrel found here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blogger–The House of Burks

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger

Squirrel: Rachel Burks
Chapter: Gamma Upsilon - University of Montevallo -  Alabama
Initiation Year: 2000
Current City: Lawrenceville, GA
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Blog: The House of Burks
Twitter: HouseOfBurks
Pinterest  ::  Facebook
RSS Feed:Feedburner
Blog Category: Family Life
"The House of Burks - High on Testosterone, Low on Sanity
I write about life as a working mom with two young sons.  It's always interesting!  My favorite topics are my boys, home renovation, Pinterest projects {and fails}, travel, college football, and married life.  I do the occasional product review and giveaway as well.  "

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blogger- Oh hey Brittany

Our first ever new member blogger, join Brittany as we explores college and Alpha Gam life at University of South Alabama.

Squirrel: Brittany Pigg
Chapter: Theta Epsilon - University of South Alabama
Initiation Year: 2012
Current City: Mobile, Al
Hometown: Mobile, Al
Blog: Oh hey Brittany
URL: Http://
Twitter: Twinkletoesbrit
Pinterest: BrittanyPigg
Blog Category: Lifestyle, Collegian
Learn more about Brittany on her About Page.

Oh Hey Brittany
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blogger–I did that

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger

Squirrel: Mandee Gerchow McDonald
Chapter: Gamma Upsilon - University of Montevallo -  Alabama
Initiation Year: 1997
Current City: Hoover, AL
Hometown: Pelham, AL
Blog: I did that
Twitter: MrsMandeeLion
Pinterest: MandeeMcD
Etsy Shop: Fleurdelovecrafts
Blog Category: Lifestyle
I mostly blog about pins I try from Pinterest, but I also blog about my original crafts, exercises, and recipes.
I Did That
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blogger– dashofdawn

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger

Squirrel: Dawn HartChapter: Epsilon Nu - University of Central Oklahoma
Initiation Year: 1990
Current City: Highlands Ranch, CO
Hometown: Edmond, OK
Alumnae Chapter: Denver Metro Alumnae Chapter
Blog: dashofdawn
Blog Category: Fashion

A fun blog about dressing, clothes, shoes and my crazy life. I'm a Human Resource Manager so sometimes I post helpful comments about dressing in the workplace and helpful interview/recruiting techniques. I just started, but I'm having a great time!!! I'm also still learning all of the in's and out's.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Convention Post Round Up

[Photo from International’s FB]

I did some google-ing and of course read our member’s blogs on convention, so I rounded them all up so you can pretend like you were there too!

New blog network member Alpha Epsilon talks about their convention experience from the EC perspective.

Mary Lou Who talks about how powerful reconnecting with sisters was at convention even two years after graduation.

Miss. Alice attended her first convention and talks about the general experience in this post, in a second post she shares a great story of the honor of meeting a mother and daughter sisters Rosalie & Alberta.

The Railroad Tracks (Zeta Nu – Alma College) shares convention antidotes and photos from the collegian perspective.

Know someone else who wrote about convention? Leave the link in the comments and I’ll add it =)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blogger- In-House Counsel

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger
Squirrel: Molly Powell
Chapter: Gamma DeltaAuburn UniversityAuburn, AL
Initiation Year: 1982
Current City: Nashville, TN
Hometown: Montgomery, AL
Blog: In-House Counsel
Blog Category: Family
Molly Powell posts helpful and amusing essays covering marriage, raising boys, law, education and faith.  She was born in the South, grounded at Auburn University, trained at Harvard Law School, and shaped by years spent living in New England and Texas raising 4 unique boys, all born in a rather intense period of 5 1/2 years. Her sons are now ages 21, 19, 18, and 15.
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chapter Blog–Alpha Epsilon

Please join us in welcoming our latest Chapter Blog

Chapter: Alpha EpsilonWestminster CollegeNew Wilmington, PA
Chapter Founding: 1925Blog: Alpha Gamma Delta – Alpha EpsilonURL: http://www.alphagammadeltaae.blogspot.comFacebook: Chapter FacebookTwitter: AGDatWCRSS Feed: AtomBlog Category: Chapter BlogDescription:
The Alpha Epsilon Chapter is to connect Alpha Gamma Delta members, alumnae, and PNMs. We are sharing all of our experiences during our college career--including philanthropy work, social events, etc.!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger

Squirrel: Kelly Boston
Chapter: Beta Xi - Purdue University, IN
Initiation Year: 1991
Current City: Palatine, IL
Hometown: LaPorte, IN
Blog: Suburbanstylista
Twitter: suburbanstylist
Pinterest: Suburbanstylist
Blog Category: Fashion & Personal Style
"I live for fashion. I also live in the suburbs. What I see in fashion mags and on the red carpet may not be right for a summer street festival or my son’s elementary school open house, but I know how to make it work. I found the perfect balance and I found it shopping in suburbia.



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Monday, June 11, 2012

Blogger- More Than A Mom

Fun story on how Elizabeth found the blog network, she was looking at one of my craft posts on Hello Kirsti and happened to scroll far enough to see our badge, small world =)

Squirrel: Elizabeth Mason Ruth
Chapter: Tau - University of Toronto
Initiation Year: 1994
Current City: Kitchener, Canada
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Alumnae Chapter: Tau
Twitter: elizabeth_agd
Pinterest: elizabeth_agd
Blog: More Than A Mom
Blog Category: Crafts, General, Family, Home

"I am so much more than just one role.
I’m a MOM to two beautiful children; Ava, born March 2006, and Travis, born January 2008.
I’m a WIFE to Scott. We have been married since August 2004. Together, we are working on being good parents, promoting a loving family and home, and keeping our spark alive.
I’m a CAREGIVER because I have a home day care. This affords me to stay home and raise our children with our morals and values. I love my job and the children in my care.
I’m ME because I have a variety of interests that include spirituality, menu planning, toddler stories and ideas to keep their interest while learning, working out and maintaining a healthy weight, decluttering and organizing, being financially responsible, as well as reading. Let me know if you have other suggestions you may have for me to include in my blog. I am open-minded and always looking for ways to further my creativity and expand your reading experience."
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blogger–Student Life Lessons

Brandie you may remember from her blog Through a Blue and Orange Lens, well she’s started a new blog to chronicle her adventures as a Alpha Gam Leadership consultant!

Squirrel: Brandie VanOrder
Chapter: Delta Upsilon - Boise State University (Idaho)
Initiation Year: 2010
Current City: Traveling Alpha Gam Chapters
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Blog: Student Life Lessons
Twitter: brandievanorder
Blog Category: Education, Alpha Gam

I’m Brandie VanOrder: recent Boise State grad; employed by my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta; future in higher education.

Compassion is an important value in my life, and my lifestyle has been consistently dynamic as I try to apply this to my daily habits (newly vegan) and my future plans. I am interested in “the internationalization of higher education.” What this means to me is that we challenge ourselves to give greater consideration to the impact our studies and actions have beyond our own communities. If we do this, I believe a more thoughtful and compassionate populace will use/share their education to improve the quality of existence for themselves and others.

And maybe for the animals too.

But just maybe. A lot of people like steak.


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Friday, June 8, 2012

Blogger- Sorority Life to Army Wife

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger [100_0907b.jpg]
Squirrel: Lisa Vornbrock Cohe
Chapter: Theta Chi - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Initiation Year: 2007
Current City: Fayetteville, NC
Hometown: Minot, ND
Alumnae Chapter: UNCW - Theta Mu
Blog: Sorority Life to Army Wife
Blog Category: wedding planning, Army life
I'm an Alpha Gam turned Army wife blogging about the new adventures in our life. So far, I've been writing about wedding planning and posting some recipes.

Squirrel . . . Brit Squirrel

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blogger–Southern in the City

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger
Squirrel: Lacey Bassett
Chapter: Gamma Sigma
Troy University - Alabama
Initiation Year: 2003
Current City: Atlanta, GA
Hometown: Troy, AL
Alumnae Chapter: Troy Area Alumnae

Blog: Southern in the City

RSS Feed:
Blog Category: Everything- Life Events, Recipes, Books, etc.
I'm a southern girl from Alabama that moved to Atlanta after graduating from college. It was definitely a big change, but I have loved every minute of it! I started my blog to keep my family and friends updated on what I've been up to.  My blog has also been a great way to keep all of my memories in the same place!
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