Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blogger–Honeysuckle & Lace

Please join us in welcoming our latest Squirrel Blogger
Squirrel: Paula Evans
Chapter: Theta Nu - Virginia Commonwealth University – Richmond
Initiation Year: 2006
Current City:
Centreville, VA
Hometown: Gretna, VA
Blog: Honeysuckle and Lace
Twitter: @honeysuckleandlace
Blog Category: Life & Motherhood
My blog is about my life as a mom.  It's a "southern belles adventure in life and motherhood."  It encompasses the good and the bad of motherhood.  I don't sugar coat and I tell it how it is.  There are some crazy times (being a 1st time mom).  However, I can't imagine not being a mom now and I truly love it.  Feel free to laugh, cry, smile, and delight in my adventures.  I'm just one little lady trying to figure it all out!

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