Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blogger–Student Life Lessons

Brandie you may remember from her blog Through a Blue and Orange Lens, well she’s started a new blog to chronicle her adventures as a Alpha Gam Leadership consultant!

Squirrel: Brandie VanOrder
Chapter: Delta Upsilon - Boise State University (Idaho)
Initiation Year: 2010
Current City: Traveling Alpha Gam Chapters
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Blog: Student Life Lessons
Twitter: brandievanorder
Blog Category: Education, Alpha Gam

I’m Brandie VanOrder: recent Boise State grad; employed by my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta; future in higher education.

Compassion is an important value in my life, and my lifestyle has been consistently dynamic as I try to apply this to my daily habits (newly vegan) and my future plans. I am interested in “the internationalization of higher education.” What this means to me is that we challenge ourselves to give greater consideration to the impact our studies and actions have beyond our own communities. If we do this, I believe a more thoughtful and compassionate populace will use/share their education to improve the quality of existence for themselves and others.

And maybe for the animals too.

But just maybe. A lot of people like steak.


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