Monday, June 11, 2012

Blogger- More Than A Mom

Fun story on how Elizabeth found the blog network, she was looking at one of my craft posts on Hello Kirsti and happened to scroll far enough to see our badge, small world =)

Squirrel: Elizabeth Mason Ruth
Chapter: Tau - University of Toronto
Initiation Year: 1994
Current City: Kitchener, Canada
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Alumnae Chapter: Tau
Twitter: elizabeth_agd
Pinterest: elizabeth_agd
Blog: More Than A Mom
Blog Category: Crafts, General, Family, Home

"I am so much more than just one role.
I’m a MOM to two beautiful children; Ava, born March 2006, and Travis, born January 2008.
I’m a WIFE to Scott. We have been married since August 2004. Together, we are working on being good parents, promoting a loving family and home, and keeping our spark alive.
I’m a CAREGIVER because I have a home day care. This affords me to stay home and raise our children with our morals and values. I love my job and the children in my care.
I’m ME because I have a variety of interests that include spirituality, menu planning, toddler stories and ideas to keep their interest while learning, working out and maintaining a healthy weight, decluttering and organizing, being financially responsible, as well as reading. Let me know if you have other suggestions you may have for me to include in my blog. I am open-minded and always looking for ways to further my creativity and expand your reading experience."
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